Monthly Standing Order

Thank you for supporting us by taking out a regular payment to our weekly lottery with a chance of winning £1000.

A monthly standing order costs us less in fees, so we pass these savings on to you.  It’s only £4 per month for a weekly entry – that means you get a month FREE per year

Please note, all Standing Orders will start on the First Day of the Month. So if a SO is taken out after the first day of the month, the lottery entry will start the following month.

First set up a Monthly Standing Order with your online banking for £4, £8, £12 etc. depending on how many weekly entries you require using the following details:

  • Account Name   :   Wotton Rovers Lottery Account
  • Sort Code   :   30-98-29
  • Account Number   :  03090956

If you can’t use online banking, please click on the big red button below DOWLOAD SO or use the following contact details and we will help you.

Lastly, complete the form at the bottom of this page to confirm your entry.


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